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Learn How To Use Microsoft Power BI For Data Analytics.

Calling all data and business intelligence professionals for an upskilling opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. Join our PL-300T00 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Course. With this updated version of Power BI course, you can learn how to accurately perform data analysis and data visualisations using Microsoft Power BI.

If you want to take your career and data analytics further, sign up now for our PL-300T00 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Course.

This course was previously named the Microsoft Data Analyst Associate Certification. Microsoft is constantly reviewing its portfolio of courses to ensure that it’s aligned with the newest technologies. Things change fast in IT, and this change is another reflection of the ever-changing skills required to be data analyst.

What Is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software, applications and services that empowers analysts to find the hidden insights in data coming from multiple unrelated sources. Whether the data is coming from an Excel spreadsheet, cloud or on-premises data warehouses, Power BI allows you to connect them all and unlock the potential in it. Upskilling in this Microsoft software will allow you to extract coherent, visual and interactive insights to improve on reporting.

What is a Data Analyst?

In order to understand the role of a data analyst, one must first understand the difference between data, information and insights. Data is the raw numbers and facts gathered by an organisation. It is a collection of basic and measurable facts. Data has to analysed so that information can be harvested from it. When the information is then seen in context and knowledge and experience are applied, you get business insights. The role of a data analyst is to interpret data and represent it visually so that the information and insights from it can be implemented.

All businesses deal with data in varying volumes, and effective decision-making relies on analysts’ ability to pull out the meaningful insights from that data.

How to Start a Career in Data Analytics

If you want to become a data analyst, or if you want to certify your fledgling data analysis skills, the first step is our PL-300T00 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Course. This course teaches the various methods and best practices for modelling, visualising and analysing data using the Power BI range of tools. You will learn how to access and process data from various sources, as well as the proper security standards to protect your data and insights. The biggest skill you will acquire is to create, manage and deploy reports to your organisation.

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