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Upskill with us from ITIL® v3 to ITIL® 4 NOW to avoid disappointment

Calling all ITIL® v3 Experts or practitioners with 17 credits. There’s never been a better time than now to TRANSITION to ITIL® 4 Managing Professional certification. The dates have been set for the discontinuation of ITIL® v 3 so to ensure you are not caught without the latest certification, we hereby notify you that we will hold our very last virtual instructor-led training module for ITIL® v 3 Experts to make the transition to ITIL® 4.

A Brief History of ITIL®

ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework designed to help IT professionals manage their services more effectively. It was first developed in the 1980s for the UK Government and quickly spread into the private sector due to its efficiency and ability to save costs.

The newer versions aren’t all that different from the original ITIL®, and each version builds on the solid foundation of the one that came before it, thus creating and evolution of Service Management Success. ITIL 4 still retains the original focus of ITIL®: IT service support and delivery.

As technology has changed, ITIL has had to keep up. By late 1990’s, ITIL® v2 was released – a more concise and version that could be easily adopted worldwide. ITIL® v3, released in 2007, adapted the ITIL framework with a lifecycle approach to service management and more focus on bringing IT and business together. The latest version, ITIL® 4, came out in 2018 and enables businesses to more easily adapt to changes in their industries and evolve with new technologies as they emerge into the 4th Industrial revolution.

Why Upskill from ITIL® v3 to ITIL® 4?

As an IT professional, you know that the IT landscape is forever changing. The 4th industrial revolution of digitization (virtual services, cloud-based computing and AI systems) are just some of the new technologies that have arrived and shifted the industry in the past few years. Technology is improving faster than ever before, so keeping up to date with the latest best practices is more important than ever.

What’s Covered in the ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition Course

All new versions of ITIL® build on the ones that came before, so a qualification in ITIL® v3 is essential with at least 17 credits earned during ITIL® v 3. ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition is your opportunity to easily switch your certification into ITIL® 4 for the 4th Industrial revolution. Your participation will cover main topics such as: What’s new in ITIL® 4, Create Deliver and support of Services, Drive Stakeholder Value, High Velocity IT and Direct, Plan and Improve. Completing this 5 day course and successful completion of your exam awards you the designation of ITIL® 4 Managing Professional.

In this virtual instructor-led course, you will learn the core concepts and definitions of ITIL® 4, including the key differences between the previous iteration of ITIL®, as well as how ITIL® 4 can be practically applied.