2020 is the year we bid the ITIL® ITSM Service Lifecycle farewell and we welcome the ITIL® Service Value System. 

As we adopt and make sense of the 4th Industrial Revolution along with the need for organisations to become more Agile and Lean, Axelos (the custodian of ITIL®) has found itself in a revolution of their own to “Think and Work Holistically” and embrace a number of methodologies and frameworks to ensure effective and efficient value co-creation between a Service Provider and its Consumer. 

It is for this reason that Axelos, through extensive research, have introduced ITIL 4 for the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

What does this then mean for ITIL v 3 practitioners?

Well, ITIL v3 will henceforth be replaced by ITIL 4. The ITIL 4 framework now departs from the IT Service Management Lifecycle which is replaced by the IT Service Management Service Value System. 

The way of working between ITIL v 3 and ITIL 4 is vastly different and Axelos has therefore introduced new courses and courseware to embrace ITIL 4. But, as always there is a transition period and opportunity for ITIL v3 practitioners to upskill themselves to the new ITIL 4 Service Value System. 

How does it work and what are the timelines?

At the starting point, Axelos will no longer make any of the course material available for ITIL v 3 beyond June 2020. THAT’S RIGHT! Delegates will no longer be able to attend any of the ITIL v 3 courses after mid 2020. This means that practitioners and delegates that have embarked on the ITIL v 3 Expert journey will NO LONGER be able to do anu ITIL v 3 courses. 


The good news is that delegates that wish to complete their journey on ITIL v 3, and only transition to ITIL 4, can do so before July 2020 in order to obtain the relevant credits (15 minimum) to be able to become an ITIL 4 MANAGING PROFESSIONAL (ITIL 4 Managing Professional replaces the ITIL Expert designation). The ITIL 4 Managing Professional designation can then be achieved by attending and passing the 5 day ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition program. 

We call on you NOT TO GET CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN. Our ITIL v 3 Service Lifecycle classes are filling up rapidly and we therefore treat this as critical and on a first serve first come basis. Please ensure you secure your seat in any of our Lifecycle classes. 

For you benefit, we urge you to make contact with us so that we may guide and assist you in staying CURRENT in your workplace with REAL SKILLS for the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

We urge you to also consider your colleagues, present and past, that might benefit from the information in this communication. 

Look out for our next communication that will briefly explain what the ITIL 4 courses are all about and how an ITIL 4 Managing Professional qualification can benefit you and your career.  



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