SUSE, the Open Open Source Company and leading provider of enterprise Linux solutions.

SUSE works with an ecosystem of partners and communities to deliver enterprise-grade, open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions backed by superior service and support. 

For SUSE, open means more than software. It’s a business model and a culture. Leveraging our Linux heritage, we deliver the truly open open source solutions, flexible business practices, lack of enforced vendor lock-in, and exceptional service and support that your digital transformation demands. Our commitment to open source means adapting it and making it dependable, with highly flexible solutions that are hardened and secured for the most demanding IT environments.

Drive transformation of your IT infrastructure with Enterprise Linux

Servers based on SUSE Linux Enterprise solutions are some of the most reliable, efficient, cost-effective software infrastructure systems available and are used by 78% of the Fortune Global 100 companies. Designed for mixed IT environments, helping you simplify your multimodal IT environment by bridging traditional and software-defined infrastructures. As businesses transform their IT landscapes to support present and future demands, SUSE Linux Enterprise solutions provide the foundation for both their traditional and growing containerized workloads.

Our “common code base” approach helps break the silos of IT systems and allows organizations to innovate freely and adapt to changing business demands, while supporting mission-critical applications that demand security, availability and global support.

Enterprises can design, deploy and run cloud-native, microservices-based applications using our Multimodal platform. Many organizations are adopting Kubernetes as part of a DevOps approach. You can use SUSE CaaS Platform to automate the orchestration and management of your containerized applications and services with powerful Kubernetes capabilities.

Developers can start with a free developer subscription or community Linux (openSUSE Leap) and easily move to fully supported enterprise Linux with just a few clicks. This brings the benefits of enterprise support and services for production systems to community openSUSE Leap-developed systems. As a result, you achieve faster time to market by accelerating the transition from developer setups to production deployments.




  • More than 50% of SUSE employees focus on development and support.
  • There are 8,500 certified applications for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is certified on 13,500+ hardware systems.
  • Two-thirds of SUSE customers give SUSE engineers a perfect score.
  • SUSE is currently engaged with 100+ open source projects.
  • SUSE has 650 staff actively working in research and development.
  • SUSE support is available globally, 24×7.
  • SUSE 2017 customer survey results.

suse consulting

SUSE Global Services

You are on a journey – you need to transform your IT Infrastructure to keep pace with the digital economy. Your business depends on this IT transformation to meet the needs of your customers and to stay ahead of your competition. But there are barriers – barriers that include finding the right skills, having enough time and overextending your current resources.

How do you make sure your journey is successful and achieves the outcomes that your business requires? SUSE Global Services is your answer and we can help you! To simplify, accelerate and modernize your organisation.

The SUSE Global Services team is not just made up of product, technical and business experts. We are the team beside your team through every stage of your transformation journey.

These SUSE Global Services cover: Discover, Design, Deploy, Optimize

SUSE Consulting Services

Your digital transformation journey begins with Consulting Services. Our flexible offerings will meet you where you are and get you where you need to go.

From discovery through optimization, we will help you align business and IT and solve complex challenges, while maintaining security and minimizing downtime.

Partnering with SUSE Consulting will put you on the right track to project success.

Why SUSE Consulting

SUSE Consulting offers a full range of technical and business services to achieve the outcomes your business needs.

  • Discover open source solutions that help align business and IT
  • Design solutions to speed deployment and guarantee success.
  • Deploy solutions with product and technical experts
  • Optimize your solutions to deliver rapid ROI and nonstop IT

Our consultants will not just share best practices and provide technical expertise, but they will also offer insight into emerging trends and technologies. SUSE Consulting has offerings that are flexible and adaptable to every stage of your transformation projects.

SUSE Selected Services

SUSE Select Services are blended service offerings to meet business demands.

Deploy your SUSE solutions with SUSE select services. Jumpstart implementation and integration of SUSE solutions with a set of fixed-priced service offerings, providing cost-effective and flexible implementation, consulting, premium support services, and knowledge transfer.

Select Services puts you on the fast track to deploying disruptive technologies that help to transform your business. Whether you are upgrading to a software defined infrastructure, implementing application delivery solutions or migrating to SUSE Linux for SAP, Select Services is the right blend of services for rapid ROI.

With three tiers, you have the flexibility to choose the level of service that matches your business needs. All three tiers provide extraordinary value, built-in flexibility and are designed to develop a true trusted relationship with an expert who is dedicated to the success of your business.


SUSE training and certification is transforming learners into professionals through powerful courses that unlock opportunities in technology.

Improve your skills, or the skills of your team, with our hands-on, role-based training for IT professionals and developers. Master key tasks for SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE® Enterprise Storage, SUSE® Manager, SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications and more.

SUSE Training is available through Foster-Melliar as a SUSE Training Partner and delivered by accredited SUSE Certified Instructors.


Attainment of certification at the administrator or engineer level is an industry recognition of core competency. Any technician presenting the SUSE Certified Administrator (for example) on their business card has trained and been independently assessed. With the open source nature of the SUSE solution set, these certifications are poised not only to add value to the individual but, also to add value to their organizations, now and for years to come. 



SUSE Support provides transparent, follow-the-sun, personalized service from the leaders in open source. Backed by SUSE Support means your business will always have a relationship with a SUSE team that is dedicated to providing you with business value and customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated support engineers are:

  • Always on: We know that service outages don’t always happen during the day. That’s why we have 24×7, follow-the-sun, localized support. Or connect with us online through forums, knowledgebase articles and documentation.
  • Experienced: When problems arise, you need to talk to a someone who can help you minimize downtime. Our support engineers have deep technical expertise built on SUSE’s 25 year history.
  • Treats You Like Family: Our number one goal is to get you to problem resolution. We are transparent, proactive and will communicate with you openly and honestly.

SUSE Support comes in two tiers, standard and priority, giving you the flexibility to choose the level of support that best meets your needs. 

For software used in nonproduction and test environments, we offer a SUSE Standard Subscription. With this support option, you receive: 

  • Access to a live person during business hours, in your local geography. 
  • Access to all updates, patches and security fixes. 
  • Unlimited service requests and access to all SUSE product information, knowledgebase articles and forums

For software used in production environments and business-critical solutions, we recommend the SUSE Priority Subscription. 

With this support option, you receive: 

  • All the benefits of the SUSE Standard Subscription. 
  • Access to a live person 24×7. 
  • Rapid response times of as little as 60 minutes.

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