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Overview of Foster-Melliar Services

Foster-Melliar provides knowledge and skills instruction that relate to Information Technology competencies, with the specific goals of improving a learner’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance. We undertake assessments of people who use, design, develop or support Information Technology, as a baseline for the transfer of the right knowledge and skills for performance improvement. Foster-Melliar undertakes internationally-recognized IT process assessments to determine the maturity levels of existing IT processes, to identify strengths and weaknesses to target improvement or to benchmark prospective or existing partners with IT best practices to ISO/IEC 15504 standard. Technology assessments are carried out to assess your current IT infrastructure for technology migration projects. The assessment provides a powerful inventory, readiness assessment, and reporting tool to simplify and accelerate IT infrastructure migration and virtualisation planning process. Foster-Melliar helps individuals explore and realize their full potential as an individual, a team member or as a leader in an Information Technology competence. Our professional vamoola.co coaches identify gaps in knowledge and skills, and set professional and organisational goals and plans to achieve them.