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Maximize Rebates While Reducing Unemployment

February 18, 2020


Looking for cost effective ways to maximize tax benefits while reducing unemployment?

The Seta’s release grant funding for learnerships and internships on a bi-annual basis. These grants often come in the form of work readiness opportunities, Skills Programmes or full Learnership qualification programmes. By adopting a proactive and strategic approach to learnerships your organisation will be able to take full advantage of the benefits available to lead / host employers thereby achieving significant financial cost savings, improved quality of service and increased retention rates! If you want to secure grants and participate as a host / lead employer for SETA funded Learnership or Internship programmes whole partnering with us as your accredited Training Provider and Learnership Implementation partner, contact us so that we may initiate the necessary processes without delay. Learnerships are the most effective means of complying with the new BEE scorecard which requires that companies spend 6% of their gross salaries and wages in order to measure the Skills Development component of the scorecard.

Benefits to the employer:

  • Qualified and motivated staff that are more efficient and productive because of new advanced level of skills.
  • TAX rebates of up to R80 000 per learner or R120 000 if the learner has a disability (Please contact us for further details regarding the tax rebates and how you can claim)
  • May qualify for Youth Wage Subsidy if under 30 years of age (Please contact us for further details)
  • Score points for Skills Development and Socio-economic Development on your BEE Scorecard
  • Full Project Management and Administration by Foster-Melliar.
  • For those employers who pay skills levies with their relevant Seta, any additional costs associated with this training program i.e. travel, resources time, administration costs associated with organizing travel etc. can be claimed back from your mandatory grants.
  • Increase productivity in your workforce
  • Increased relevant skills base and talent pool in your organisation

Benefits to the Learner:

  • Nationally recognized qualification upon successful completion of the Learnership program.
  • Progress onto a higher level Learnership for personal growth and development.
  • Become more proficient and effective in your job due to your newly acquired advanced skills.