XBRL Foundation eLearning Course


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Course Outline

XBRL Foundation eLearning Course
10 Hours
Certification Exam:
XBRL Foundation Exam
10 PDUs

About Course

ITpreneurs XBRL Foundation eLearning is a 10-hour, interactive, online learning experience, covering the essentials of XBRL and exploring it from a balanced business/technical perspective.

The course prepares learners to successfully adopt and manage XBRL implementation projects—helping them to achieve their full potential. Everyone who completes the XBRL Foundation course is eligible to take the certification exam and receive official certification by XBRL International, Inc. (XII), the most respected XBRL authority in the world.

Designed to be an engaging experience for learners, this self-paced course provides them with the knowledge and confidence needed to make the right decisions when using XBRL taxonomies and tools. The course follows proven methods to promote learning, breaking down complex concepts into easily comprehensible portions.

Learners are introduced to a broad picture of XBRL and are shown how this reporting standard can be leveraged to improve business and financial reporting.

XBRL is rapidly becoming the mandated reporting language for publicly listed companies in many countries. The new XBRL compliance requirement involves the process of creating a second set of financial statements. This requires a sophisticated knowledge of GAAP accounting, which is something most organizations simply do not have. That is the reason why accounting and finance personnel should be trained and certified in XBRL Foundation.

XBRL was developed to speed up handling and analysis of data while enabling automatic validation of critical information. The training covers XBRL taxonomies, tags, instance documents, and explains how they are used in automated processing of a broad range of business and financial reporting. Equipped with essential XBRL knowledge, professionals will be able to complete XBRL projects and perform better, helping improve the overall direction of your organization.


  • Finance Staff members who have direct responsibility for implementing XBRL filing requirements.
  • CFOs, Controllers, External Reporting Managers
  • XBRL Implementation Project Managers
  • XBRL Consultants
  • Analysts and Investors who want to streamline their professional work
  • System Architects, Application Designers and Developers who facilitate solutions

Course Prerequisites

None, although a familiarity with IT Service Delivery is beneficial.

At Course Completion

At the end of this course, learners will understand:

  • Data exchange formats in the electronic business reporting process (informational and operational reporting, standards and proprietary solutions).
  • Challenges of electronic communication of business data and how they are addressed by the XBRL standard.
  • Application of XBRL in different reporting scenarios with reference to existing international and national projects.
  • XBRL standard development and governance (key milestones, organization and supporters).
  • XBRL specifications and their coverage of business-reporting-related functionalities.
  • XBRL architecture: relation between taxonomies and instance documents.
  • XBRL taxonomy content: declaration of business concepts, purpose and semantics of various link bases.
  • Content of XBRL instance documents: Contexts, fact values and footnotes.
  • Integration of XBRL in the business reporting chain: Impact of XBRL implementation on data collection, transfer, validation, storage and subsequent usage.


  • Training is the first step to building in-house XBRL competencies for the path to XBRL compliancy.
  • Learners will gain:
  • An essential understanding of how XBRL works.
  • Insight into XBRL compliancy and the impact on their role.
  • Knowledge of XBRL-related terminology
  • Official XII certification

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