A continuous learning mindset, and interest in knowledge is one of the key characteristics of professionals working in modern digital companies.

ITIL 4 provides a modern and scalable approach to IT Service Management in the 4th Industrial Revolution. The ITIL Certification scheme provides the ability for IT professionals to master IT service management.

So, you ready to claim your fame as an ITIL MASTER, the ultimate qualification in the IT Service Management industry? Here are some things that will support your ITIL Certification journey.

There are officially two core journeys which has to be completed to achieve the ultimate ITIL Master status, as follows:

1. Secure a Certification as an ITIL Managing Professional

2. Secure a future as an ITIL Strategic Leader

For each of the two qualification schemes there are different options available dependent on your past journey with ITIL and your future vision with ITIL. These are discussed in more detail 


ITIL 4 Managing Professional (ITIL MP) is a stream of four modules that are part of ITIL 4, the next evolution of ITIL. 

The four modules are:

o ITIL Specialist Create, Deliver and Support

o ITIL  Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value

o ITIL Specialist High Velocity IT

o ITIL Strategist Direct Plan and Improve.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional (MP) is ideal for IT practitioners working within technology and digital teams across businesses whether in application development or infrastructure support.

The MP stream provides practical and technical knowledge about how to run successful IT enabled services, teams and workflows.

To obtain the designation ITIL 4 Managing Professional or ITIL 4 Strategic Leader, the candidate must complete all modules in each stream, with ITIL Strategist being a universal module for both streams.

Already an ITIL Expert (or have obtained 17 ITIL v 3 credits)?

You can transition easily to become an ITIL 4 Managing Professional, by taking the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Course.

We are proud to announce that the first course date an times have officially been opened as follows: 

Course dates: 21 – 25 October 201

Times: 08:30 – 16:00 each day.

The ITIL 4 Managing Professional transition module is designed to allow ITIL v3 candidates who have already invested, to easily transition across to ITIL 4. They can gain the designation of ITIL 4 Managing Professional via one course and one exam.

The transition module enables candidates to recognise their previous achievements while still gaining the up-to-date skills and knowledge needed to navigate the digital service economy.

The module will provide information on the key elements of the following modules from ITIL 4 Managing Professional:

o ITIL 4 Specialist Create, Deliver and Support

o ITIL 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value

o ITIL 4 Specialist High Velocity IT

o ITIL 4 Strategist Direct Plan and Improve.

The course will also provide an introduction and cover the key concepts found in ITIL 4 Foundation.

To take the transition module, all candidates must be at Expert level or have a minimum of 17 ITIL v3 credits. Candidates can continue to collect their v3 Intermediate or Practitioner credits to enable them to be eligible to take the transition module on the 21-25 October 2019.

For more information on this highly sort after and seat grabbing course, click here for more information

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